Race Recap: Troutarama 5k Race Weekend

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.25.29 PMfb image2 What a weekend! My mom, husband and I ran the Troutarama 5k on Saturday. Friday night after packet pick-up, we decided to drive the course to see what to expect. It was flat and paved out of town, but after making a few turns there was a pretty good stretch on a dirt/gravel road that was fairly hilly. After reaching nearly the end of this road we turn around and head back. In a short race, it’s kind of cool doing a course like this because you can see who is ahead of you. Anyway, my dad stayed at the start/finish line area with my daughter to cheer us on. The day was supposed to be upper 80’s, humid, and sunny. We had this unexpected crazy storm roll inIMG_20150717_193217just minutes before the start, which cooled things off a bit. One of the race organizers made an announcement that they got word that there was a storm coming through the area that would have lightning, so they decided to have a 30 minute delayed start. We went inside the building and waited it out. Some high winds came in and it looked scary out! Maybe 30-45 minutes later the lightning stopped, the winds died down, and the lady said we had about 45 minutes until the next round came through but we would be running in the IMG_2141rain. Her words were, “So…run fast!” haha. It was crazy how fast the sky got dark! You can see in the picture with the Troutarama banner, the sky wasn’t scary looking when we were in town near the starting line (picture was taken in the car, thus the blue tint at the top 🙂 ).

At the starting line

At the starting line

We all lined up. There were many people that went home after it started raining. It was already a “small town” race with only 176 people registered, and only 151 finishers. My husband and I actually got to “toe” the starting line. They didn’t have mats for the start, just the finish. We left when the announcer said, “Ready, set, GO!” We were hauling! I looked at my Garmin and it said 7:15 pace, so I tried to slow down a bit so I wouldn’t die at the first mile. The dirt/gravel hills were tough, but I kept thinking ‘this is only a 5k! Just keep pushing!’ My husband was good at motivating me when it got tough.


Official time: 26:40

I finished with a time of: 26:40. My Garmin said the course was only 2.96 miles, so that’s 9:00 min/mile pace. However, since the official pace is based off of a 5k distance my pace ended up at 8:35 (lol!). The fastest I’ve ever run 3 miles was an 8:56 pace, so on paper it looked pretty impressive for me haha! Don’t ask me how, but somehow the race timing computers got wet (they were in the trailer?!) so they are waiting for them to ‘dry out’ before uploading the official race results. I’m really hopeful nothing weird happens to the results and all the data is still there. Right after crossing the finish line we were told to go to the trailer to get a printout of our official race time. I was pretty happy with the time considering the hills and rain. I think I really have a good chance at being in the top 3 in my age group, so I’m super anxious for the full results to be posted. I’ll definitely update when I know more! One of the race organizers said that due to the weather they were going to skip the awards ceremony, and would mail the awards out for the top 3 finishers in each age group. I’ll definitely update once I know more.

***UPDATE*** I missed the podium by one person. 4th / 9 in my age group. A little disappointed as I thought I had 3rd. But, my time is still a decent one for me for that distance. The girl that came in 3rd I would have never caught up to. Much stronger competition compared to last years results. But, I did my best and I know that’s all that matters! My husband got 3rd in his age group and my mom got 2nd in hers! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.41.58 PM

fb image1-2



After the race we went back home to shower and then headed back to downtown for the Troutarama parade and spent some time checking out all the little vendors selling stuff (like homemade items, jewelry, clothing, etc.). The Scottville Clown Band is in the parade every year and they’re so much fun to watch in their funny costumes. Our daughter loved it! We stopped at Jones’ Icecream after the parade and indulged in a yummy treat! I got black cherry, my favorite :). IMG_2151Sunday morning I got in a swim in the lake. At first I was going to plan to swim Friday and Saturday (based on weather forecast before we left). But when we got up there I decided I didn’t want to risk tiring my legs out for the race on Saturday. Then Saturday we just had some fun in town and relaxing at the cottage after the race. Sunday, the weather was perfect so I decided I’d go for a swim. I got in the kayak and figured out what anchored rafts I’d be swimming around to get in at least 500M since some had moved since last time we were there. I found 3 that would get me to 500, so I got in my wetsuit and started.IMG_2162IMG_2160 I got around the first raft and my legs were like, “Yeah…how about no.” So I swam back to shore and decided to just swim straight out from shore a little ways and back several times to get my swim in. My legs were just shot from the 5k (which sounds awful!). I was so mad at myself. I was like, “It was only a 5k!!” But, I know I ran hard and it wasn’t a flat paved course so taking a few breaks at the shore seemed like the best thing to do. I was still able to get some practice swimming in the wetsuit, even if it wasn’t continuous. There is a possibility I may get in one more open water swim this coming weekend, so hopefully that one will be a bit more successful. Overall, it was a great weekend!


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