5 Reasons Why I Run

I was tagged by @mainrungirl for a #stopdropaselfie + 5 reasons why I run. I just got my Honey Stinger cycling jersey in the mail while we were in Nashville. I’m starting to feel a lot better, so I decided to test out the new jersey on my bike trainer this morning. Hopefully feel good enough for a run soon!

IMG_20150429_091244Here’s my “5 Reasons Why I Run”:

1. For health. It’s a very high priority for me! I want to be around for a long time, and staying active is a large part of that.

2. To be a good role model for my daughter. While I mostly try to run and exercise while she is in preschool, she does see me being active and I think that is so important! She sees me working towards my goals and she sees that exercise can be fun. I love when she wants to join in!

3. To clear my head. If something is bothering me, going for a run generally helps. I’m at least a bit more relaxed after getting at least a couple miles in.

4. To spend time with family. My parents, my sisters and my husband all run so either training with them or doing races together has been awesome! I love bonding over a race weekend.

5. For the challenge. I’ll never be a runner who qualifies for Boston, but I enjoy challenging myself with new distances and trying to get new PR’s.

I tag @run_happy_dani@perfectly.imperfect.life, @organicrunnermom and @laurenon16th to play along!

Why do YOU run?


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