Meeting Deena Kastor

IMAG4755 ed

Deena Kastor 4.22.15

I can’t think of a more fabulous way to kick off my marathon trip to Nashville than meeting THE Deena Kastor! An incredible runner, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist, 2005 Chicago Marathon winner, and American Record holder for the marathon and half. Impressive to say the least!

IMAG4758I was so happy to get to meet her and have her sign my copy of The Spirit of The Marathon. My mom came with me and told her I was running my first marathon on Saturday.  She said “Oh she’ll be hooked! After she says she will never run another one again.” That made me laugh because that’s so me! I did say I’d never run in Nashville again. And here I am a day away from returning to the city to do the full! She told me she is working with the producers of the movie on a new documentary about Boston and it should be out next spring. I’m looking forward to seeing that too!

After the meet and greet she came out to CityScape Events and talked about a variety of different things and took questions from the audience.  IMAG4754
The main thing I took out of it was how important it is to think positively, and how it can affect you. She told a story about how she let her mind wander during a run when she was trying to get her mind off of her sore hamstring. She saw an eagle in the sky and that sparked a memory and it just kept spiraling until her husband was there to pick her up and she couldn’t believe she was already done with her run. That is something I will definitely try to do during my race, as I know I’m guilty of letting those body aches and pains get to my head and bring me down sometimes. I know taking the focus off that and onto something positive will help the time pass and keep me in the right frame of mind to succeed!

She said a girl once asked her to sign something “Never, never, never give up!”. She said she thought ‘I wonder if she would be mad if I wrote always, always, always keep striving.’ The words never and give up seem negative, so she is all about turning those phrases into positive ones. She told some great personal stories and made us all laugh too.  If you get a chance to go see her speak, do it! She is so inspiring and such a phenomenal athlete! I was so sad to have to leave the event early. I’m not sure how long she spoke for, but we stayed for an hour before we had to get back on the road. Time for bed for me! Hitting the road tomorrow AM!


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