Packing for a Destination Race

It’s time to pack for the Country Music Marathon! My parents, husband and myself are all riding down together (Dad and husband doing 5k, my mom is doing the half and I’m doing my first full). I was trying my best to stay away from as I know how a bad forecast can increase the nervous energy, but I just looked at it. Here’s the weather forecast for Saturday as of 9:30AM 4/20/15.  Not exactly ideal. Nashville weather for CMM '15 We’re just hopeful that it’s not cancelled. Not entirely sure on their cancellation policy. I know they won’t cancel for rain, but I don’t know about thunderstorms. So, we’re planning on rain in the forecast as we pack. Below is what I’ve got in my suitcase in addition to regular street clothes and toiletries. I would suggest bringing these items if you are running in a wet half/full marathon as well. If you’re flying, make sure race essentials are in your carry-on luggage.

Purse: (other than the norm)

  • Packet pick-up confirmation sheet
  • Final race day info sheets

Pre-race items:

  • Rain protector sprayBreakfast food that you typically eat before you run (if you can’t buy it there – I am gluten free and alway bring my GF bread so I can have my peanut butter toast and banana before heading to the start line. I actually brought my own toaster from home last year as I was so paranoid about getting my bread contaminated!)
  • Vaseline to put on common chafing areas
  • Spray your shoes with rain / water protector (at least 24 hours in advance)

Race gear:

  • Race shoes!
  • Race top
  • Running shorts
  • Sports bra
  • “Run-derwear” 🙂
  • Running socks
  • Visor (or hat for sun and/or rain protection)
  • Pace band
  • Garmin GPS watch! (charged and turned off until 10 or so minutes before start)
  • Poncho (Or garbage bag even if it’s not raining, nice to keep warm before race starts)
  • If it’s really cold, “throw away” clothing to wear on top of race clothing
  • race suitcaseBandages for heels if you have or expect issues on heels, etc.
  • Running belt
  • Honey Stinger energy gels (3)
  • Honey Stinger energy chews (1)
  • Extra glob of Vaseline in plastic ziplock sandwich bag to put in belt pouch (anticipating extra skin irritation if it’s raining)
  • Phone sealed in sandwich bag and then placed in zip pouch of running belt (to help find family after finish)
  • A little toilet paper (in case the porta-potty is out — been there!)

Post-Race Items to leave in car:

  • Reusuable water bottle (filled)
  • Nuun hydration tablets (I normally drink this during and after my runs, but I’m not going to be wearing or carrying a water bottle this time so I’ll be using Nuun after I finish the race)
  • Luna Protein bar
  • Towels to dry off
  • Change of clothes (including something warm like a zip-up fleece for possible post-race chills)
  • Compression socks
  • Change of shoes
  • Umbrella for spectators (for my dad/husband who will finish first)
  • Foam roller (I seriously plan to use this in the parking lot if it’s not raining when I finish)
  • Anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen

Post-Race Items to leave at hotel:

  • Gallon size ziplock bags (for “ice packs”)
  • Gallon zip lock bags (to fill with ice for ‘ice packs’)
  • Stretch band (to help stretch my hamstrings)

That should be it for my “must haves!” Thinking of everyone running Boston this morning! Good luck runners!


4 thoughts on “Packing for a Destination Race

    • Thanks for visiting, Andi! No Riverbank for me this year. I haven’t even been able to go out for a run since my marathon. Still recovering. I think I might try to go for a run on Wednesday and I’m so excited!! It’s killing me right now holding off. I did Riverbank two weeks after the CMM half last year and even though I had a much faster pace at RBR, I definitely wouldn’t do races of those distances that close together again. I need more time to recover :). Good luck to you at Riverbank!! I’d like to do it again next year.


    • Hi, Ali! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll have to check out yours too! Yes, it’s the norm now to pack a cooler and bag of food for trips like this. CMM had quite a few options for post race food, but you’re right — most of it was gluten containing. So, it’s good I brought our own!


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